Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iCan't Believe It

I am writing my very first entry from my iPhone. While I was preparing to post earlier I thought, surely there is an app for this; and true enough there in the App Store I found it. I had no idea that an hour later I would get the news that Steve Jobs had passed away. So it is fitting tribute that I write from here.

I find that I am no less moved by Steve's passion to make his dreams come true & augment our knowledge on what is possible than by the actual products he helped to create. All of our days are numbered, but we immortalize ourselves in the people that we touch, the places that we go, & the purposes that we work toward. His transformative touch changed the way we listen, read, & react to the world around us and there is no higher mark to press toward than that. Well done, Steve.

John Mayer - Stop This Train