Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Attention Surplus/Deficit Disorder

Though it is probably not clinically correct, that's what I feel like I have. There are times I can't focus to save my life. I was reading some iteration of one of the twilight novels in spanish and found it very hard to concentrate. Then I have periods where something interests me and I will search vehemently throughout the internet until I have satisfied my thirst for knowledge. There are a number of occasions when I have forgone sleep to research something I read on a blog or an article, or some book has grasped me to the point that I would rather read than sleep. The most power vehicle is undoubtedly YouTube. It is simultaneously one of my favorite online experiences and the greatest annoyance in my life. I consider that website the catalyst for the substantial amount, or more appropriately the lack of sleep I have suffered over the past 5 years.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iCan't Believe It

I am writing my very first entry from my iPhone. While I was preparing to post earlier I thought, surely there is an app for this; and true enough there in the App Store I found it. I had no idea that an hour later I would get the news that Steve Jobs had passed away. So it is fitting tribute that I write from here.

I find that I am no less moved by Steve's passion to make his dreams come true & augment our knowledge on what is possible than by the actual products he helped to create. All of our days are numbered, but we immortalize ourselves in the people that we touch, the places that we go, & the purposes that we work toward. His transformative touch changed the way we listen, read, & react to the world around us and there is no higher mark to press toward than that. Well done, Steve.

John Mayer - Stop This Train

Monday, October 3, 2011


I've decided its past time. I've noted before that I signed up for Adam4Adam. This was done with the express purpose of finding a date; but as I am wont to do I ended up being so immersed in work for the last 11 months that I had not gone on. Until last week. It had to be sheer horniness, or loneliness; I do not know which is more powerful, that forced me back onto the site. I uploaded a picture and went to work looking for a boyfriend.

I acutely understood that most of the active members were probably on for the express purpose of hooking up, and though I didn't have disimilar aims, I did want to actually meet people. I've gone to West Hollywood (gay central of Los Angeles on many occasions, but had yet to actually summon the nerve to talk to anyone besides the my friend(s) that I'd brought along. I saw online as a more passive way to meet and connect with people. The result: Saturday I went on my first date with a guy. Ever.


Just re-read the draft to my 'moving to California post'. It is an interesting experience for me to get a true read on how I felt at certain intervals in my life. I find I have often...succumb to what I should do, think or say, instead of acting in accordance with how I truly feel. It was interesting to see an umblemished record of my life through my perspective and not a jaded recollection later down the line. I wonder if other bloggers get the same experience when rereading their own posts.

It is sad to see several of the bloggers who I have followed have stopped writing. I myself am no less guilty of the same crime; yet there are those who press on much to my delight.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sooo been trying to adjust to the west coast. I love it and have blogged a long explanation of my time off and what's been going on. It's still under construction as it's kind of lengthy. I have trying to keep up with everyone, though it's a bit difficult. Birthday next week. Who wants to go to Vegas?!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vacation Over

Well, in my last post I said that my next post would be coming from Manhattan Beach. I came and left and had a great time in between. That was about four weeks ago; and yet this post is from California nonetheless. That is because I am now a resident of the state. Yeah, you read that correct. I loved the place so much that I moved I went back to my old life for a few weeks, wrapped my time there up and moved to Los Angeles.

At first, while I was toying with the idea of moving out west all the logistics of such a move seemed like a staggering task and though it was, I somehow managed it. Please excuse my momentary self satisfaction. I must admit to feeling quite accomplished for having pulled this off. The whole thing happened so quickly it was like I had never even left to go back and gather up my life in the first place.

I am at the moment being forced to help a relative [living on the other side of the country] with a presentation, so I'll have to explain exactly HOW a vacation, turned into a complete rearranging of my life a but later. Love reading what's been happening with you all.

Monday, April 12, 2010

LA LA Land

Ok. My computer broke (again), my boss/mentor quit, I got a flaming ass replacement boss, missed out on a new job opportunity, declined a promotion, and have been asked several times by my mother to move back home. But none of that matters right now because in 24 hours; this time tomorrow, I will be stepping off a jet at LAX and will inhale a lungful of California air. My Spring Break is a bit late but deserved IMHO.

In a list of necessary evils flying is very highly ranked for me. It bothers me more than I will admit to anyone. I drove to California seven years ago and will not attempt to do such again, so a plane is an essential discomfort that I will endure to get out West. I'll most likely be on my iPod touch d-_-b the entire flight.

Hopefully I'll be able to update with pics and such while I'm there. But there's no telling. I'm staying in a beach house for a week, with a Range Rover and Mercedes at my disposal. :-) and I get to see my little cousins whom I adore. My boss will coincidentally be there as well, so maybe I'll see him too before I return to Ga. So far it seems to be a promising trip. I get a whole week on the pacific. I wish I were in beach shape, but won't sweat it too much. I only go every three or four years, so I'll just enjoy the vacation. I have to get some sand too. I collect it from all the beaches I visit. I have a few bottles from different places in the US. So hopefully the next update I make will be from Manhattan Beach, California.