Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Beginning.

I guess everyone's blog starts off mostly the same way. They either had random thoughts that they wanted to post and decided to start a blog, or read someone else's and became inspired. I just wanted to write someone a comment and was tricked into joining. Don't regret it at all.

So, I guess that I should start off with the requisite stuff. I'm bi/gay, so basically I'll hump anything attractive. No one knows. I intend to keep it that way until I am ready. I enjoy many different blogs here in blog-topia. There are lots of different subject matter that gets cover and I think that we help each not feel so isolated with our individual problems. I think that it's awesome for us to have a network, so that the vets can help guys who are just coming to grips with being gay. Love Alwayshard, Jason's randomness, and story of a boy....feel free to suggest any others to me.

I have a slight headache (which is rare) so this may not come out as eloquently as I had intended.

I am not the publicly simulated version of gay. I'm 6'1'', love sports, not macho, but def not pansy. Growing up a jock, with jock brothers, it just couldn't happen. I have a unquenchable passion for music, and if it were not for the pounding in my head I would no doubt be listening to something RIGHT NOW. Love, love, love books. I own a small library of books and ejoy reading new and exciting things. Love sports, big basketball and soccer fan. I enjoy traveling and learning different languages. I also, recently acquired a 'like' for fashion (which isn't a surprise cause of where I work). That's kinda it....ohh and I'm writing a book and will probably post some excerpts on here.


Steevo said...

well, heck, E! I see comments from you all over and now finally w/ vacation i have time to dig into old posts. And I am the first to comment here!

I'll comment on the most recent one first.


Dean Grey said...

You're right, E, you do have a story to tell!

I'm pretty new to the blogging world myself and agree it's a great way to connect to all type of groups and interests.

Happy posting!