Monday, November 17, 2008

10 Things About Me....Like you didn't know it was coming!!

Ok, AJ's boy Matt started this a few days ago. Then Razz over at Doin' me head in followed up with his ten [great blog]. I told him that he was going to start an epidemic of these "10 Things" posts, and I have seen them popping up everywhere since. So, though at risk of being a follower, I was compelled to start my own.

1. I was born and mostly raised in Florida. My sister and I both learned to talk at really young ages, but I apparently only spoke to a select group of people [see fact 9].

2. My parents were both engaged to other people when they met. They were friends for a long time before they started dating. My dad had a daughter and my mom had a son and daughter before they got together. My younger brother and I then came along, but I don't feel like ANY of my brothers or sisters are half-siblings. I never introduce them that way, or specify that we have different parents unless clarification is in order. So I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. That was easier to explain than usual.

3. I am very paternal. I am often the youngest in my group of friends, not by much, usually a year or two. However, often is the case that I am sought out when something happens to someone or advice is needed. I give health advice, relationship advice, etc. I particularly feel the need help people through emotional crises. It's just my thing.

4. I speak fluent spanish, and I'm literate in French. I absolutely love languages. I'm gonna try to study Japanese next semester at school and maybe German later on.

5. I'm really into sports [my brothers are huge jocks]. I wasn't as a kid, even though I played football [American], ran Track, and played Basketball. I now love it all, especially basketball. I have been told many times that I'd make a great coach.

6. I've been told I have a very nice singing voice, and despite playing other instruments I didn't realize that I had any talent until I got to college and taught myself piano! I was visiting my mom at work not long after and noticed a piano there. I thought that I'd try it out just for fun, you know. My mom thought I had disappeared to get out of helping her with something. She said that while she was looking for me she kept hearing a piano playing and even saw some of the staff listening in the doorway of the room I was playing in. She said that she had NO idea that it was me until one of the staff turns to her as she walks by and says [Mrs. E's mom] your son is really good. Is he classically trained? She peeked inside the door and was quite surprised to find that I was indeed seated at the keys playing. [true story!] I've played at several functions for her since :)

7. biggest procrastinator in the history of waiting til the last minute. Its not helpful cause I HATE being late. It enfuriates me to have to walk into a room and have everyone stare at me like I'm a fucking alien.

8. Apparently many of us are ambidextrous. My dad is right handed and my mom is left. When I was learning how to write I would use one hand with my dad and the other with my mom. My dad ended up forcing me to exclusively use my right hand, but I still secretly practiced with my left.

9. When I was a kid I wouldn't let anyone touch me except my mother, my godmother, and my sisters' godsister. That's it. Anyone else try to pick me up or touch me and I would run away or burst out crying. My mom says that people couldn't even look at me. LOL! Everyone still teases me about it. I don't know why I was that way. I think its cause I've always been REALLY shy [something my friends will adamantly deny]. My mom told me that when I was 3 yrs old my dad asked her "Can he talk?". She laughed. I could talk [real sentences] since I was a year and half. My mom said that I wouldn't shut up once she got me going.

10. I've been secretly searching for a movie/book/song that is sad enough to make me cry. I'm very much the opposite of how I was as a kid. I have absolutely no problem engaging people. I am still shy as hell, but I know how to mask that in order to initiate conversation or get information. I am very even tempered. I tend not to get emotional or excited [outside of music], nor down and gloomy. I dislike being hyped up and let down, I just don't let anything get me excited until that thing comes into fruition [I think the exception is hot guys/hot girls! That gets me excite everytime], but I digress. For some reason I just wanna read/watch/hear something that makes me burst out crying. My bestfriend insists that I watch The Notebook. I read a lot and love movies....there is some good stuff out there, just haven't found one that does it for me, something that completely has me bowled over. Suggestions?

Well, at first this was a difficult post. Then as I started writing I realized that I had WAAAAY more stuff than I could put in 10 points. It's cool though cause now you know a lot more about me!

"Thought for Today"
If love turns its back, do I turn mine?

Brian McKnight "Again"



Aek said...

Haha, I don't this constitutes an epidemic, more like an outbreak (I am an epidemiology student after all, for now). :P

4. I LOVE languages. I wish I could've learned Spanish and French better.

5. I used to HATE sports. Though now I like playing sports with friends, when I do. I think I suck less now than I used to, lol.

6. You're pretty talented for self-learning the piano, one of the more difficult instruments to learn, in my opinion. I do LOVE the piano, though I haven't played in such a long time. :(

8. I think I might've posted this already on someone else's blog, but I think playing the piano has made me pseudo-ambidextrous. While I'm left-handed, I can do pretty much anything with my right hand that my left can do - it just feels weird (and doesn't look as neat).

10. I'm kind of the same way in that I mask my shyness and emotions (hence, partly the name of my blog). Comes in handy, no? I've almost never watched anything or listened to anything that has made me cry - though a few things have come close.

Anonymous said...

from reading the post, i get the feeling that you have some spanish blood in you. am i correct there? if true, that means that you are probably a total totty! florida, fluent in spanish, made to write right-handed (my nana did the same thing. my next razz fact will concern this.) i'm quite impressed with the piano part. i only know how to play the batman theme. three keys, i think. and i do hope that this list thing catches on. it's kind of fun reading them. and thanks for the bit of blog advert :)

midoriverdegreen said...

Listen to Justin Nozuka's Save him, it might make you cry or gag.
Since you know how to play the piano you might want to try chinese. Although it is nice to hear about some one else that might learn nihongo.

E said...

Love Justin Nozuka. I've had After Tonite and Golden Train on my itunes for over 2 years! He's a talented guy.

Yes, I must risk being self-absorbed and toot my own horn at my piano ability. I love playing and it just comes pretty well.

Mr. HCI said...

a few movies that have made me absolutely bawl:

Life Is Beautiful
Silent Running
A Streetcar Named Desire

If I start thinking for too long about Silent Running, I will usually burst into tears. You might find it cheesy but I first saw it when I was 11 or 12 and cried myself to sleep after. When I saw it a couple of years ago, I cried even harder. Shit . . . I'm starting to tear up. Better stop.

PS: linked your blog to mine