Thursday, December 24, 2009

Invention is to Necessity as Horniness is to......

... Signing up for a gay social network. Yep, that's right I did it. Adam4Adam. I was so scared, because I didn't know how deep the ramifications could resound. It took me 10 minutes to hit the create account button. Most daring thing I've done in the past few months, I mean I didn't post any pictures, or give any semblance of my real name, or describe myself in any distinguishable detail, so I can't honestly say there was any danger in opening a profile. I managed to convince myself that this was simply a soft check into the site; a way to peek and see if gay guys were as cookie cutter as they appear in pop culture, or if we are as varied as I hoped. Um, it was interesting. I was glad to see not everyone tried to dress up like Lady Gaga, and there were guys who were had similar outlooks for partners that I did, like the guy that posted this:

college grad. still needing a brother

24, 5'11", 195lb, 32w, Muscular, Brown Hair, Some Body Hair, White, Looking for Friendship, 1-on-1 Sex.

just moved to Columbus from Athens. Graduated UGA 08. Served two years in Military as an MP. Discreet. Have own place. Like guys around my age (younger/older). You must be goodlooking. Like dark skin guys. No fems or flames.

hanging with friends. all straight i guess. just needing a bud once a week or so to screw.

Military, Out No, Smoke No, Drink Occasionally, Drugs No, Zodiac Leo.

Top, 8" Cut, Safe Sex Only, HIV Negative, Prefer meeting at: My Place.

Made me laugh, but I feel very much the same.... except maybe about the screw once a week. We'd have to kick that up to three times a week for the first few weeks. I'm not sure whether it's coincidental or maybe it's the result of a conversation I had with Jake earlier that made me sign up for the site. I've known about it for a while. David is on there and often visits. I tease him about being on porn whenever I peek into his room and see him on :}

Anyway, Jake and I have been texting not so much conversations as damn novels recently. After our small strip tease a week back and me asking probing questions about oral and anal sex frequently, tonight I chose to ask what he preference as far as type of men. Turns out we both covet smiles. Teeth are an important asset, especially to me as they are a useful tool for disarming people. Apparently when I meet people for the first time I looking mean, so I tend to smile to assure them that I am friendly and approachable... but I digress. I decided not long ago that Jake was as trustworthy a person as I know, and that I would have a raging hard-on forever if I don't get some insight in this new world.

So, we talked about our individual types were. Jake said he like them funny, sweet, sexy and flirty, and I confessed about my thing for jocks, whew. Love 'em. Short hair, nice chest, good smile, what more do I need..... my pants just got a little tight... got to readjust... and there we go... I told Jake that I need someone who can fight, that way we can wrestle each other's clothes off ;> and if we get into a tight spot at the club [or anywhere for that matter] he has to be able to "throw the hands" [my kid brothers term for fight], so I know he has my back. Must love Disney; that requires no explanation. We LOL and compared and contrasted. It was helpful. Made me very conscious later on what to look for while browsing Adam4Adam.

The site also made me wonder how many guys are walking around like me. Are there other people horny and frustrated and looking for a guy, but not quite willing to put it all out there? I asked Jake a few weeks ago what are the signs if a dude is interested. He said, "Same way with girls. They flirt. Excessive talking. You can just tell. They come around you for dumb reasons. Things like that. Same as normal." Now, to me this made sense. If I see a guy that's attractive, or a girl, I tend to try to find questions to ask, reasons to stand close to or look at them, etc. If they work at the place where I spot them all the better. Make's getting and retaining their attention easier. However, there is a stark difference between flirting and walking away with someone's phone number. I think my lack of interaction with gay guys really hurts me here, because I have no idea what the "code" or special way of recognizing each other is, or if we even have one. And if not, do the rules that Jake is talking about still apply for a guy trying to get another guy's attention.

***So this is an call to all man-whores, committed guys, headhunters and glory-hole gods. How do you pull guys?! How is it done?*** please feel free to explain in a comment on this post or make your own post breaking down your technique and hyperlink it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How Low Can You Go?

OK...had some fun in the great indoors tonite. Jake, a cute guy from work and I struck up a friendly conversation via text message today. Now, I am notoriously poor at returning texts. It's not intentional, I just get immersed into whatever I'm doing and texting slips my mind. Apparently the same goes for phone calls.

Well, Jake and I started at about 2pm yesterday. We joked a bit about various topics. We eventually got to my homosexual experiences, if such a laughable record could be called experience. He told me that I could ask anything I wanted to know about. So I asked. The conversation turned out to be enlightening. We discussed everything from bottoming, oral sex, identifying and responding to flirting, and a few things in between. In the midst of the conversation we drifted to why he doesn't top. He said because he's too large and it hurts people. Naturally my mind spun with the possibilities, and naturally not having a bevy of experience with dick, I wanted to see his. So, for about three hours we teased each other about one sending a picture to the other. I initially decided to go safe, and took a pic of my lower body, with my hand grabbing my junk. He countered with a picture of his lower abs.

I have mentioned that I am an "in the moment" guy. The less time to think I have, the more "fun" I am according to sources. I got swept up in the moment and finally I acquiesced, praying that this would not come back to haunt me, went to the bathroom, snapped some shots in the mirror. I started with some pubeage [sic] and just a peek of shaft and then took four more progressively lower pictures, each showing more than the previous.

In my mind I tried to think of all the ways that this could spin out of control and take a giant bite out of my rear. A few minutes later I receive a picture from Jake similar to mine. For the time, being "in the moment" was paying off. I decided that I like this game; enough in fact, to raise the stakes. I message a little dare about upping the ante and sent a second picture. Though I am a shy person, and I detest that I let my physique fall into disrepair, curiosity and my tendency to be bold "in the moment" pushed me. I had to wait a little longer, but sure enough was more of Jake's dong. ***Since it has been so long since I posted, Jake would be cute, out gay guy that works with me. Everyone loves him. Cool dude.***

Being horny, and having the breadth of my same sex experience happen at a club nearly a year ago, I was hype. My pictures came out decent. I was actually laughing because it looked like I had plenty of dick. DOES NOT seem that way in person, but I guess I should ask someone to look around there and give me there opinion ;).but back to the story....2am... Low wasn't low enough. I sent my third picture. I guess I was all in, but I still couldn't reveal the full monty just yet. The fourth picture was me in all my humble glory, but I needed to know if he would go for it. I had ran out of penis at that point anyway.

My hopes were dashed however. I did not receive a third picture from him. He fell ASLEEP!!!!! To be fair he had driven a few hundred miles on a road trip for the weekend and it was nearly 4am at this point. I vow compensatory actions, but let him sleep. I'm gonna ask to touch it or something freaky....damn I just planned ahead. Whatever I ask for, I won't plan it. I'll wait and play it by ear, see what I come up with...any suggestions?

Also, I asked Jake how to approach and/or tell if a guy is interested. He gave me some very concrete tips. If there is something that any veterans or just plain lucky mofos want to add, I welcome it.