Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lean and Reach

Work went pretty quick this morning. I feel a little guilty though. I played a bit of a peeping tom today.

I adding a fixture for some extra stuff that came into the store this morning. It required me to get on a ladder and set it up. While gathering the materials that I needed, I noticed that the new guy (oh his name is Allen) had the same shirts. I told him that I was putting them up and he could put his set with mine.

He came over to me and I asked him to get on the ladder because I changed my mind about how it should be set up, so I stood under him as I guided him as to how I wanted it. My new set-up required him to lean over and reach. This resulted in me being able to see right up his shirt. I admit without shame that I exerted my best efforts to keep him on that ladder for as long as possible.

In other unrelated news, My 23rd birthday is swiftly approaching. I'm feeling quarter-life crisis is coming with it, so I must do my best to feel accomplished within 4 weeks.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not Much Going On

My life is really boring right now. Kinda just work and home. I did have to buy a new phone on Thursday. My phone decided that it was going to do what it wanted despite my objections. So, I ended up spending $300 on a new blackberry. The good thing is that I get a mail in rebate, so I get some $$ back.

I do have to work more on my 'I don't care face'. We have a new guy at work and trying to be friendly I started light conversation. This ended up being the a recap to the last five years of his life! Like personal information that should be withheld until you know someone much better. I was sad to learn that he had a girlfriend. I figured he would, cause he's moderately good-looking but that doesn't stop me from imagining him in my shower haha. He had to reach high for something last week and his shirt came up a little, FIT!