Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Johnny and Tiffany on the spot

I actually have quite a bit to blog about, so there should be a few posts during this week. I turned 23 on Monday, and my best friend threw me a massive birthday party!

Today however, is dedicated to seeking advice and telling an interesting story:

At around 8:30pm today I met a boy. I was walking out of our local Best Buy with Tiffany (my BFF). She had just bought The Wolverine DVD. Well, on the way out the door I spot this tall, tan, hispanic guy. I clearly know the guy is hot right off the bat, but walking up to a random guy and hitting on him is out of the question. Instead I point him out to Tiffany and suggest that she approach him, give her a small push in his direction and flee the scene. She punks out and completely passes him by. I could not let her off the hook. She's a very pretty girl, but i know first impressions aren't really her strength.

So (with my little brother talking to me in my bluetooth headset) I bust a U-turn, stroll back into Best Buy, and find the guy. He looks up and I see in his eyes that he recognizes me from outside. So, I walk up to him and asks if he has a sister. He tells me yeah, but she back home in Texas. At this point I have to backpedal a bit. My bait didn't work because there is NO way I would put him and a sister that lives 1000 miles away together. So, that little lie to strike up a conversation was out and so I decide to roll with the truth. I tell him that my friend saw him outside and thought he looked cute, but was too shy to talk to him. I'm conflicted now, because I want to tell him that I think he's cute too, but I was too cognizant of my brother on the phone, Tiff waiting outside, and all of the last minute shoppers and staff at Best Buy to say those words. Instead I play it cool, shrug and walk away. My heart was beating so fast. I had just called a man cute without anyone, including myself for a few moments realizing.

He calls out to me. I wanted to hang up the phone and drag him to the bathroom. Instead I half turn and lift an eyebrow. He tells me that he just needed some batteries and he'd be out in a bit. I nod my head non-commitally and walk out the door. I convince Tiffany to wait for him as we chill in the parking lot. I didn't get in the car so that I could remove myself once he came out so that the two of them could talk alone. I try to coach her a bit as we wait. She's not the confident type, but I can't let her blow this for either of us.

He comes out of the store and nearly misses us. I was leaning in the car window giving tips and when I saw him I stood straight and waved. He came right over. I was going to let Tiffany bag him now that I had cornered him, but she wasn't even able to speak. So, I again stepped in and introduced her leaving a blank space open for him to give his name. "Johnny", he tells us. I rolled the name over my tongue, wishing I could someday moan it while naked. Since he is dressed in athletically I ask if he plays anything. A pure ploy to find out how sexy face got sexy body. He replies Basketball and football. He is instantly in. Both Tiffany and I love basketball; it was one of the first things we bonded over, and I can tell her interests perks even more. He has a great build, so I ask if he's military (which isn't uncommon as there is an army base close). I asked how long he's been in the city (as Tiffany has not taken over the convo yet *sigh*). He tells us one year. I prob for friends, hangouts, and hobbies. Then I ask for his phone number. I suggest that he and Tiff exchange info and at this moment she finds her tongue, but I am already in lust, but being a good friend I take a stroll.

I watch from afar, my brother following what he can while on the phone. When I see Johnny stand up straight and move from the window I return quickly. I realized that I hadn't introduced myself to sex on two legs yet (which he shall henceforth be known as. JK. But no really. He's smoking hot). I walk up and he turns to me. I shake his hand. I thought for moment he was going to go for a hug, but nothing happens :-(. I tell him we'll call him and he goes for his car.

I quickly copy his phone number from Tiff's phone to mine. There was no way I was going to give her the chance to lose it. We talk about him on the way to her apt and end up putting the movie on hold trying to decide our next move. I try to express interest for her to start a dialogue, thinking the entire time about what lengths I would go through to see him again. One of my roommates and I play basketball twice a week. I think I'm going to invite him the next time we go out.

That's all for now. My computer has been giving me trouble for weeks, and I had to type this post on my ipod touch. Sorry for any typos, but I had to get this one down in the record books. Thoughts?