Thursday, April 30, 2009

I love Apple

Just got an iPod touch last weekend and I already can't live without it, and it only compounds my desire to get an iphone. I like my blackberry, but I downloaded some very helpful apps today that just completely won me over. I'm probably gonna give my touch to my baby brother and buy an iPhone and a 32GB touch this summer.

I'm too busy to have anything else exciting to report. Only that I will be moving two times very shortly. Once into my old roommates apartment, then again when we find a house. Hopefully the house comes soon after. We saw a few we liked a lot, and though the process remains more less than difficult than I expected but more that I hoped it would be, I retain hope that come early May I'll be settled for a while.

Other than that I've been working with no end in sight. So much so, in fact, that I feel diminished at other things. And it's funny cause the people that know me well are looking like "E, are you slipping?". I keep thinking "Well, you work 70 hours a week, juggle finding a house, a car, clearing up your credit, and finding a way to fit summer school into your schedule, THEN tell me how long you perform at a peek level."

Enough ranting. Gotta shower and try to get the most from 5 hours of sleep.


naturgesetz said...

Well that should be keeping you out of mischief.


Godfrey Off the Grid said...

it's a great life... and by that i mean constant struggle. at least you found a job. :) good luck on the house hunting.

Aek said...

Wow, so busy! o_O Good luck with it all!! It's been a while since you last posted, but I understand that considering. :P

Sethy said...


Posting is not obligatory :) Good to be busy though, even though it feels sometimes that it is overwhelming. Better than having nothing to do.

Be good, and good luck with the house hunting :)

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

The iPod Touch is so shiny-shiny! My son has an iPhone and is inseperable from it - very clever design.

What fantastic levels of energy you have! Eat well and rest when you can. Good luck with the house hunt!
G =]