Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 weeks of Madness

I hope this short update doesn't turn into some long rant. I'm writing this on my iPod touch, which I still have not been able to put down. For those who have checked in on me from time to time, I just want to thank you. I have been continuing to read everyone's blogs, despite not commenting as frequently. My job(s) has been kicking my rear for the last 4 weeks. We are nearing the completion of training and I'm not performing at level that I'm happy with.

In other news, I saw Star Trek the night it came out and must reiterate the superlatives that it has earned. Good movie. Oh! Speaking of movies, Aek reminded me of somethig when he posted about the gay gene. While watching the previews for Angels & Demons, I saw the trailer for the new Cameron Diaz movie: My Sister's Keeper. I think this is the 1. If you've read my 10 things about me, then you know that I'm not very emotional. I often heard about ppl crying b/c of a sad movie, then I see it and it really isn't that sad to me. Well ppl were straight crying after watching just the trailer. My eyes were watery and stuff after seeing it. I couldn't believe it. But the movie is gonna be the 1 that just breaks me down. I know it sounds pathetic, but I rarely make an emotional investment in the characters; then I find it hard to empathize when tragedy strikes. The kids in this movie act their asses off. I don't think anyone who sees it will leave unaffected by the performance (based on what i've seen.)

Other than that it's kinda been work, work some more, eat in between, then try to salvage some sleep.


Aek said...

Yay for posting!! ^_^

I sooo want to see Star Trek. Soon hopefully, as well as all the other movies that have come out/are coming out (since I'm not going to China now).

After these 4 long weeks and things still haven't settled down for you huh? Wow, that must be killer. I hope things settle down soon!! Good luck with everything. :P

naturgesetz said...

Hope things get better on the job scene.

Jonathan said...

Haha, yeah I loved Star Trek - it was spectacular.

And I totally understand about the iPod. I think I was on it more than I was on my computer and phone, the touch screen is just so much fun!