Saturday, June 6, 2009


My life is still moving at a lightning fast pace with.....challenges each day, but I'm handling it pretty well if I can toot my own horn. The only problem is that I've been tooting my own horn for months now. I want to toot someone else's. Or at least let them toot mine ':) actually someone did want my horn; and still disturbs me to think about it.

It started at work. I was exploring the building that I work at, it being massive and all, and I saw a familiar face. I tried to ignore him, but he was going the same way I was and soon fell in step with me. I saw realization dawn on him as recognized my face. I swore mentally because I realized that he had been shopping at my other job recently. That is when he asked me if I worked there. I confirmed that I did and we introduced ourselves. That very night he showed up at my other job. Luckily we were closing and I had locked the doors already. He yelled his name through the glass and told me to email him at our mutual workplace. I agreed. This was Monday.

Needeless to say I did not email him. On Wednesday he saw me in the hallway and admonished me for not emailing him. Now, I was busy trying to learn how to do my job, I didn't have the damn time to email him. I told some lie and he let it go. He did however ask me for my name. I gave it and when I got back to my desk there sat an email in my inbox from him.

I decided to be mannerful and email him back. Apparently he took that as showing interest and he sent me his cell phone number. I was taken back. He then asked for mine. I immediately saw the stupidity of his approach and would not allow myself to commit the same dumb mistake. I also didn't want my mobile number flying around this building. So, I texted him instead, daring to hope that I was wrong about the feeling in my stomach. We messages back and forth and he ended up inviting me out. I, of course thought that he meant a multi-person function. After consulting with David I came to the realization that he wanted to go on a date.

I couldn't believe it. I was trying hard not to panic as I got on the bus to head to the other job. I was snapped out of shock by my cell phone ringing. My "corporate" job's ID popped up on the screen. I thought that my trainer was calling me. It was him trying to confirm whether I would be attending a get together at his house tonight. I told him that I had to work and couldn't promise that I'd make it. I was quietly flipping out as I dialed David and gave him the rundown.

As I rode I prayed that this fool wouldn't be bold enough to show up to my job. He didn't but I did receive another text asking if I minded if it was just me and him tonight. If not for several people being in close proximity I would have strung together a colorful group of cuss words.

Right before I go to work I called Tiffany and we talked about it briefly. She was as shocked as I was. She doesn't know that I actually am interested in guys, but I draw the line at 35+ year old stalkers who prey on new staff.

I took a while before I replied. When I did I told h that I had already invited my girlfriend to the movie night and couldn't blow her off now. He texted back that he thought I was single. I did not reply.
The chance of me seeing dude again are terribly high. Any suggestions on how to not make this awkward? I mean I want a boyfriend, but I have heard how badly people get talked about in this building. I definitely don't want my name in that mix.


Godfrey Off the Grid said...

If you're interested in this guy, go for it. If he's totally not your type, definitely don't lead him on. Does sound a little crazy though. A normal person probably would have asked you to lunch during the work week for starters. Just be careful about lying to get out of things, you don't want to get caught and then have to awkwardly be bumping into him every few days at work. But I think, if he's cute and seems like a nice guy, no harm in meeting up with him. Is he really 35+ though?

Aek said...

If you're going to lie, be consistent and don't over-embellish it. Keep it simple and easy to stick to. It seems like you're still able to extract yourself from a future awkward situation, so I wouldn't worry too much. Just don't offend him . . . is he higher up than you in the company?

Seth said...

Or go with the truth.

"Sorry, I'm really not interested in having any sort of relationship with you right now" - get it up front early on. If he sulks, fine. It's not your problem anyway.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

I think Seth has it ... but if you don't feel like being so candid, but also don't want to lie, is there some facet of character or appearance that you can make completely ghastly? How about OD'ing on garlic and chilli, or eating onions like an apple at break time? Or maybe a diet of beans for a week, to encourage explosive flattulence?

If he still doesn't take the hint, there are few (legal) options, other than fronting up and telling him that while you are flattered by his attentions, he should realise that you are a lesbian.

Heh - you never know, it might work!

Of course, life doesn't end at 35!

Have a wonderful day. G =]

Just don't forget - "Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive"

E said...

Thanks for all the feedback! I was really conflicted about how to handle this.

He seems like a nice dude, but definitely not my type. He is higher up. He is a senior consultant in his department, which made me worried. I really wanted to handle the situation with as much care as possible. His text seemed disappointed that I was in a relationship, but I really tried to leave open the option for friendship. I did wonder why he tried to talk to me though and the only thing that I could think of is that he saw me at the resident gay club I had been to a few times. Other than that I, personally, don't think I exhibit any vibes.

Jonathan said...

Yeah, don't tell lies you can't get out of. Or ones that you can risk getting caught with ("I'm hanging out with Ashley..." [he is with Ashley])

Anyway, I think you should just keep it at friends, and hint that you don't want a relationship.

Most of what I was going to say has already been said here, haha.