Monday, April 12, 2010

LA LA Land

Ok. My computer broke (again), my boss/mentor quit, I got a flaming ass replacement boss, missed out on a new job opportunity, declined a promotion, and have been asked several times by my mother to move back home. But none of that matters right now because in 24 hours; this time tomorrow, I will be stepping off a jet at LAX and will inhale a lungful of California air. My Spring Break is a bit late but deserved IMHO.

In a list of necessary evils flying is very highly ranked for me. It bothers me more than I will admit to anyone. I drove to California seven years ago and will not attempt to do such again, so a plane is an essential discomfort that I will endure to get out West. I'll most likely be on my iPod touch d-_-b the entire flight.

Hopefully I'll be able to update with pics and such while I'm there. But there's no telling. I'm staying in a beach house for a week, with a Range Rover and Mercedes at my disposal. :-) and I get to see my little cousins whom I adore. My boss will coincidentally be there as well, so maybe I'll see him too before I return to Ga. So far it seems to be a promising trip. I get a whole week on the pacific. I wish I were in beach shape, but won't sweat it too much. I only go every three or four years, so I'll just enjoy the vacation. I have to get some sand too. I collect it from all the beaches I visit. I have a few bottles from different places in the US. So hopefully the next update I make will be from Manhattan Beach, California.