Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So, I know I'm posting less and less, but that's not because I'm not on. I'm still commenting and reading some very good stuff. I simply find that I have less and less to say as my life spirals into the obscurity of complete and utter boredom.

I do have one story. It's not terribly funny, its kinda rude I guess. There is this gay guy at my job, cool dude. I sent him a text message while he was out of town and told him that I had something important to tell him. It was my plan to come out to him. I don't know why him. I guess it would be easier cause he's gay, but I don't know whether he has a big mouth or not. Well, today as I was getting ready to leave I started thinking whether or not it hurts to take it up the rear. Having never done it, nor attempted to place anything up my rear for that matter, I was in my opinion understandibly curious. So, I asked him. He avoided me for a few minutes, but then said that it depends on who you are. So, THEN I asked what he meant by "who you are"? Was that supposed to mean if you're swinging a bat then you can hurt somebody? Our conversation was interrupted by a female associate and he took the chance to disappear.

Thought for the Day
"What kind of different things can you fit in an asshole? [no confessions necessary]

Without [interlude] & Can U Help Me by Usher


Mr. HCI said...

Some guys are stretchier than others is probably what he meant.

Some guys have no trouble letting it slide right in fairly quickly.

Some guys need a lot of prep work to get it in.

Some guys are chicken.


Doug said...

HAHA I like Mr. HCI's breakdown of different guys. :)

So did you actually come out to him?

Jonathan said...

Haha interesting question. I really don't know, I think so? Probably in the beginning it hurts.


Godfrey Off the Grid said...

Being in the same boat as you for the most part, I have similar concerns. Haha. And have gotten similar responses. :\

Doomed but cheerful! said...

'Some guys are chicken' Last thing I stuffed up a chicken was sage and onion - can't say i know anyone whose tried it personally!

Well, HCI has got it - BUT -

I'll give you the same advice I gave someone else, on another blog ...

'If you wouldn't put it in your mouth, then don't put it anywhere else.'

And use a good lube that won't attack your condoms (no oil or petroleum based products - you're not doing a grease job on a pick-up, ffs!)

And - take - your - time ...


Gurney =]

inebriated said...

it hurts at first, but it gradually fades as the adrenalin increases and you start enjoyin it

PhD Snowboarder said...

Man, this post is getting heated. It still hurts me from my first time having sex. I use a good lube and everything. My ex boyfriend Holden told me everytime he fucked me it was like fucking a virgin so I am assuming that is a good thing. Right?

E said...

I actually ended up not telling him. I figured that even though he was a nice guy, I wasn't sure how much I should let him in on. [I know I should no end a sentence like that]

Mr. HCI said...


If it still hurts, slow down! You might be trying to get things in there too quickly.

Good lube is essential but you may find it helps considerably to get a couple of toys, one small and one larger but not as big as the real thing.

Lube up the smaller one and slide it in for a few minutes. When you're relaxed and it's comfortable, take it out. Lube up the larger one and put it in. When that one feels comfy, take it out and go for the real thing, slowly.

Tim said...

From my understanding of it all, I really suggest if you are in the shower to play around with yourself and get rid of the stigma that society puts on our bottoms. So i would just play around, safely! Then whenever you do find one person to be with ( try not to make a hook up ) ask if you can be assisted with it all.

Use LOTS of lube, maybe go buy a dildo to get you used to something bigger.

But the biggest thing is to relax. liike for me im one of those poeple that it just hurts and it takes awhile to prep me, we have fun doing it, but lol i go very slowly. but it leaves room for more passion

so just take your time with it, no need to rush, and just relax. thats the biggest tip i can give you is to relax.