Saturday, December 6, 2008

Somethings Never Change

So, my old roommates convinced me to go out tonite. I'm just getting back and it is 4am. Can I say that I had a really good time with them. They showed up at my job at 11:30. I had to count the money, so I was running a little behind. I honestly wasn't expecting them to come so soon, but I knocked the money stuff out and jumped in the truck. I have had very limited interaction since I moved out of our collective apartment when I lease ended in May 07. It took all of....36 seconds for me to realize that nothing had changed. The dynamic between each of us was still the same. It was relief for me to realize that they were the same guys that I had met 3 1/2 years ago. I guess some things never change.

So, we went club hopping. I guess we really only hopped once cause the second club was live as hell. I had told them that I had never been there and so we went. It was a good choice too cause the DJ was spinning some good stuff and people were dancing. The previous club was filled with drunk soldiers who had wandered off base for a deserved break. We went in and it didn't take us long to get swept up in the dancing. Now I usually don't dance. Not cause I can't [cause I can BREAK IT DOWN if necessary] but because I really don't feel moved to dance when 87.23% of the club is just standing on the wall watching the dance floor. The people here were moving. I got caught up to say the least; it didn't take long for me to start pulling out everything that I could replicate from Stomp The Yard. It was a good time. Th thought to scope out someone barely crossed my mind. I did see a hottie in some Timbs that caught my eye, but I disregarded it cause I didn't think that there was any interest. On a high note there was this HOT asian girl. I didn't see her until the damn club was closing. She was in a yellow dress....{shakes head}...I pointed her out to one of the roomies and our collective jaws dropped. She looked our way and I turned my head quickly. It was a punk move that I normally don't fall prey to, but she was that good looking. So, I'm a big guy I guess {In my mind I'm still 5'3 125} and she grabbed the back of the hoodie I was wearing so that she could make it out of the club. I thought it would be the gentlemen thing to help, so I grabbed her hand and led her out! We nearly made it to the street together, but her friend grabbed her other hand and said "girl, you can't go home with him." I wanted to say, "yes the hell she can!" but I gave her a smile and joined my boys out front. It wasn't a big deal, but it felt good all the same.

I admitted to David, who is one of my old roommates that moving out was one of the biggest mistakes that I had ever [and I mean in my life} made. I told the other two guys tonite while we were waiting in Krystals for their orders. They reciprocated the feeling. They actually told me that they missed me first, and that prompted me to admit that I wished that I had never broken us up. We agreed that if we found a four bedroom that we'd move in together again as soon as the chance presents itself.

It was an awesome night overall. The relationship between David and me hadn't changed either. We were arguing before the night was over. The other two didn't know because we argued in Travis' truck while they were inside Krystals ordering their food. Alcohol does something to him that not so great. Our years together taught me that, so I ignored some of his disparaging comments. I know once he barfed or pissed the booze out then he'd be good again. He also nearly out me to my fourth roomie (his name is T) at the club. He leaned in and yells "Are you into light skinned guys?!" I really didn't hear him, but I guess he realized that T was in VERY close proximity and that he had said it too loud. He started apologizing, but T either didn't hear it, didn't understand, or disregarded it. I'm hoping for a mixture of all three. I didn't sweat it though. It registered after a second what he had asked me and I answered him.

I ended up driving us to Krystals, then to my place to drop me off. I was the official designated driver when we stayed together. Both because I held liquor the best and because I rarely drink. Its not that I don't want to, but if you read my "10 Things" post then you know that I'm very.....paternal. I always feel responsible and I must do the right thing. David teases me about it often, but I had certain expectations growing up and I haven't been able to avoid feeling like I should maintain the capacity to act accordingly if an unexpected situation arises.

I've been working like crazy because there is a car that I have my eye on. I know that my life will be exponentially more easy when I get wheels. Its one of the things that I'm shooting for by the end of January.

I had a great night, and its back to the real world for me tomorrow. I will definitely be doing this again.


Jonathan said...

It's true, somethings never do change, but it's good to look back and see how much you have moved forward. And it sounds like you had some fun and that's always a plus anyway.


Aek said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. You seemed to have deserved it. :) I'm also glad that some things don't change between good friends, and it's things like that that we should hold on to sometimes.

Gay Snowboarder said...

I wish I could be the Designated Drive instead of the one getting driven around town but oh well, thats the way the cookie crumbles. I am glad to hear you had a fun night. It's always nice to go out and have fun with your friends. I am on strike from the bars for a while because the last time I went out I acted a fool so I told myself I owuld behave until CHristmas was over!

Also, good luck getting your wheels!

Gay Snowboarder said...

What kind of car do you want?