Wednesday, March 25, 2009


That's what time the lady from my potential new job called this morning. I was soooo freaked out. I had just barely rolled over and my phone began to ring. Now, I called her last Friday, but she was leaving the office and she told me that she would call me this past Monday. Monday came and went and I received no call. I thought that it would be polite to give her another day before calling her, as I'm sure she had plenty on her plate.

Yesterday I was all planned to call her. My boss asked me to stay later at work and I straight up just forgot to call. So, I dedicated today to ensuring that I spoke to someone in that dang building about this job. Lo and behold my phone rings 15 minutes ago. Since I programmed her number into my phone, the company name pops up on my caller ID. I was trying to clear my throat and pretend to have been awake, but I'm not sure how well that worked.

Anyway, I got good news...and bad news. I've been cleared for the grammatical/writing portion for my bilingual portion. Now I have to speak to someone on the Spanish. I'm nervous, but excited. I haven't had to USE my Spanish since I lived in Florida, so we'll see how this works out.

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Aek said...

I understand how you feel about speaking Spanish on the phone. I'm kind of like that with Chinese with relatives I haven't seen in a while or when I was in China.

Don't worry, it comes back to you really fast! Though it might take up to a minute to ease back into things. I'm sure you'll be just fine!! :D

Good luck!!!