Thursday, March 19, 2009

Long Day

Thanks for all the support!!! I arrived waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay early. I was the damn building at 6:45am, so basically had over two hours to blow. I was excited and disappointed because they tricked me just a bit.

My interview was preliminary testing. I had to pass some skills tests, and basically display my foreign language proficiency. The lady who presided over the "talent acquisition" had us all [about 8 other people] go into a room and log onto a computer. We had different scenarios to assess dealing with the possible positions we would go into. Then the bilingual testers [this woman and me (yes, that's grammatically correct)] had to do a listening portion in Spanish and then a grammar portion on paper.

I finished first, which kind of worried me because I usually take longer with these kind of things. But the lady told me that I had done exceptionally well and that I passed the prelim and everyone who passed that portion would have an interview! So, that was a great relief to know that I would be invited back.

I was really encouraged because she seemed to be pleased with my results. I hope that they are strong enough to mitigate my lack of experience. I'm really looking forward to snagging this job. I've been praying and trying to be patient for months, so this was a very welcome surprise.

So, after three and a half hours of testing I jumped on two more buses and went to my regular job and was tortured for six hours. It was a trip. Long Day.


Aek said...

Yay!! Sounds like things went well. ^_^ What kind of job is this? I don't think you've mentioned.

Seth said...

Congrats on passing "round 1" - those "cattle call" type things suck but hopefully you will continue to wow them.

Mike said...

Congrats on making the cut...

Yay for speaking Spanish!