Monday, March 30, 2009

A blog, a badge, and a BIG problem

So, I'll start off with the guy I met last week. No, it was not a romantic meeting. He is only 17, which is FAR too young for me. If he is interested in me (cause he keeps sending me messages) I will find a polite way to let him know that I do not care to go to jail. I did not give him my blog name. In fact, I completely disregarded the question all together. He didn't ask again, so either he forgot or got the hint.

I did go today to get my badge and parking permit from my new job. It begins Wednesday and I'm super excited. I must confess that all the details are still fuzzy. It feels like it happened so fast. Last Wednesday I was suffering through having to have a spontaneous conversation in Spanish over the phone, now I'm having to prepare myself to work in the IT headquarters of Globally recognized company. Trust me, after dealing with security I had to go through to get a badge, I understand the magnitude of this. A friend actually pointed out that I start of the 1st of April. I told her that I would be the ultimate bad joke if I was being 'Punked' or something.

The thought of me receiving my badge and parking permit made me aware of the fact that I have no car. This is my current BIG problem. I did not know that I would be working at a building on the opposite side of town from where I thought I was going to start. I'm absolutely mortified because I have to work this out within the next 24 hours. I have to be at work super early for the next 12 weeks and I can't allow myself to fumble this opportunity. AHHHHH!!! Tiffany and I are going tomorrow to see if we can find prospects. But I don't know what to do, and with little money and even less time I feel like my unexpected blessing is slipping away before it even fully gets here.

Any suggestions?!


Aek said...

Is there public transportation that could take you near where you'll be working? Like, a public transit bus or something? If you can figure that out, it might buy you a couple weeks to find a cheap car.

Again, congrats on the job!! :D

Diary of a Mad Latino Man said...

Hey there, what about the bus? I am a high school teacher and I work with tons of people that ride the bus to work. Plus, since you are low on the funds I am sure it will be cheap for you.


Godfrey Off the Grid said...

Yes. Definitely take a bus. But if worse comes to worse, maybe you can cab it for a week or so. Or I'm sure someone has a car who you can work something out with for a week.


E said...

The bus was my plan for the building where I thought I was going to work the first time. There is a stop RIGHT in front of the building.

Then of course I am caught off guard today when I was being briefed that the office I was working out of was on the other side of town. That kinda sucked. I've been scouring the internet for the last 3 hours to get together a list of potential places to purchase a car. I'll also try to see how close the bus comes to the building. If it swings close, then I might be ok for a few weeks.

J said...

legal age of consent in georgia is 16, :)

Mr. HCI said...

You might want to consider renting a car for the time being.

naturgesetz said...

Yeah, I agree, bus or rental for starters.

Possibly once you start you can get in a carpool with a co-worker.

If no carpool, look at used cars over the weekend.

aron2631 said...

The bus is the obvious first choice, but go EARLY, EARLY, EARLY because busses do not stay on schedule. Second choice is to ask a friend to give you a ride to work for a couple of weeks. If that doesn't work out, look for the dirt cheapest rental car around. (Often you can find one for just $10/day).

If available, you might ask your parents to borrow their car for a little while.

At some point, of course, you need to go to your local used car lot and buy the cheapest car you can. Ask for a loan. You are now gainfully employed, so you should be able to get a car loan. Depending on your credit history, you may not get great terms, but you should be able to find something you can afford.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Gratz on your new job, and wow-ing that lady with your charm, in Spanish!

Getting to work - how far do you need to go? Other than the choices already suggested, maybe you have a friend or relative near to that building, where you could stay for a while?

And the distance - is it really too far to walk or bicycle? My last job was an hour's walk away, and doing that twice daily was great for the posture and waistline!

Good luck. G =]

Seth said...

Well, at least they have good security hopefully.

Sort of reminds me of my new job - the woman called me on Sunday and was like can you start first thing Tuesday morning? Umm. Sure. And I have to get up early after not doing that for a long time LOL.

I hope you figure out the commuting situation, that always sucks.