Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now, tell me one more time....

Spoke with the hiring agent Friday and she said that she would giving me back a call on Monday to confirm my interview. I'm really anxious, usually the weekend zooms by, but these last few days have gone so slow. I did have fun at work.

I was standing in the center of the store behind our Main marquee when a tall, blond woman and an older female companion walk up to me. I politely asked them if they needed help, to which the blond replies in a strong British accent: "I'm looking for a short dark denim jacket." I was in love. Not with her. She was a bit too old for me, and blond (unless he surfs and has abs) usually doesn't suit my taste. Her accent was bloody beautiful though.

So, I tried to pretend as if I did not hear her and asked her again, but she saw right through me! I was sure that we did not have exactly what she was looking for, but I thought that I'd treat myself to just a bit more of her accent. I radioed another associate preparing to ask for the item's availablity, but paused and pretended to forget the question. So she humored me as I asked her to tell me one more time what she was looking for.

Though we didn't have a short jacket, we did manage to find one that she favored and I was rewarded with the story of how the woman and her husband met the Brit and her husband 11 years ago. Then I met her husband who thanked me for helping his wife and lessening the torture of having to shop. His accent wasn't quite as stunning, but I enjoyed hearing it all the same.


naturgesetz said...

I say, sounds like a well enjoyable meeting.

Hope the results from the interview are favourable.


Aek said...

I <3 foreign accents. Some accents are just so damn sexy. XD

Good luck with the new job thing!!

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

When I joined the Army, people said I sounded 'too posh' and got my nose broken for my pains ... but I soon got more 'handy' and sound the same ... I would give you my phone number, but the roaming charges would be just too massive!!
Have a super day. G =]