Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Uncertainty of Love

If all is fair in love and war
Is your heart worth me fighting for?
Inside there lurks an innate fear
Of losing all that I hold dear
You say love is patient, love is kind
But if love turns its' back
Do I turn mine?
And keep track of things asinine?

A toast to love and all it brought!
A hound, a pound
A soundless thought,
It's all for naught,
Or so it seemed
Until one finds a love redeemed

Never have I felt this way
"I'm in love!" you start to say
Tempest subsides, clouds retract,
A new sun shines,
The rain refracts,
Chromatic tact,
But flaws mark this plan
Condensation, irritation
You're hurt again...

Just wrote that like 10 minutes ago. Definitely not finished. I didn't even edit it I'm just throwing it up here, so don't be too brutal.

"post"-post edit...

You're through you say
"that's it for me
I'm sick of Love's uncertainty"

I was rereading and that part seemed to come next. Ok, now that's it for now...I think.

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Aek said...

Holy crap! You did that in 10 minutes?! It looks finished to me, but man, I'd love to read more.

I really really like this poem. Keep up the good work!! :D