Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Coming

Today my morning began quite early. For some unknown reason I have been waking up at like 8am every morning. Regardless of whether I have slept sufficiently, or set an alarm clock, or intended to sleep in, I have gotten up at 8. My day was fine until 2 hours ago. I missed the bus from my house and I don't have a car. My best friend is acting like an ass, and I hate my job. So, all in all it was a sucky morning/afternoon.

And I know what's coming. I know that very soon my bestfriend and I are going to have an argument. I also know that I am tired of dealing with stupid shit. I very nearly n the verge of yelling that I am bi, and don't give a flying fuck what she thinks, and I am going to be happy, either with a best friend or all a-fucking-lone. Usuallly I am very self-contained, I think that all adults should be. There's no reason to wild-out like you no fucking sense, but damnit I am angry.

Congrats Barack!


Anonymous said...

go to the park and chase squirrels around until you're dead tired. you'll feel better. :) hope your day improves. cheers.

Aek said...

I . . . actually like Razz's idea. It strangely appeals to me. I would do that, except we feed squirrels on campus here so much that they almost expect to be fed when we approach.

Running does help though, so does a night warm shower. I hope it doesn't escalate into an argument between your best friend and you.