Monday, November 24, 2008

I Want My Body Back!!!!!

Yes, I've been jacked! What am I missing? A 6-set of abs, a pair of pecs, some ripped quads, and one smokin' hot bum. But I know Exactly who did it...or at least I have some viable suspects. Chef Boyardee, Aunt Jemima, Michelin's [who ever that bitch is], Stouffers, and Bluebell.

I have some leads on where I might find my body though. I'm gonna poke around the gym, produce aisle, the running trail at the park, and the salad bar at olive garden. I want my body back!


exalen said...

LMAO! This is classic! Hope you find it. :-P

Mr. HCI said...

The salad bar at Olive Garden???

AOUBG"OUEBFP@#A&( T^%#)*Y@#(####@!@!!!!!!!!!

If you live in GA and just went to Oxygen, I'm guessing you're in the Atlanta area? Go to Lettuce Souprise You or Sweet Tomatoes, instead of OG.

Seriously . . . OG = PUKE (IMHO)

Aek said...

I want . . . a better body. Imagine my horror when I learned that I gained 6.7 lbs in two weeks as a result of being sick (and thus unable/unwilling to workout), and having several friends wanting to eat out fairly often. When I finally went to the gym today, it felt like I had almost fallen back to square 1. I could feel the extra weight as I ran. >.<

The current proximity to Thanksgiving doesn't help any either.

Seth said...

LOL - Special *DISCLAIMER* - Sethboyardee has NO AFFILIATION with the Chef Boyardee product line (thank God!!).

Michelin? As in the food guide? The more stars a restaurant has, the more butter in the food!!!

I'll agree with HCI - especially since I decry the mere thought of eating at a chain restaurant, on principle.

Anyway - keep up the search and fight to get that body back!!

Doug said...

I hope you find it too! I'm on a search to find mine as well!

Anonymous said...

brill!!! so is your profile pic some kind of a "missing" notice, then? lol! love it!

"jockety" somehow that sounds oddly appropriate for this post. as in "feeling jockety".

E said...

LOL to feeling Jockety.

Ok. So no Olive Garden.

I actually graduated high school in Atlanta, but I do not live there now. I'm in the southern portion of GA.

6.7 lbs is nothing! I created a post outlining my fall from grace, into the realms of fat-ass-ness. I didn't post it cause it makes me seem like some lethargic humpback whale that gave up and just washed ashore.

midoriverdegreen said...

im searching for my body as well, its been a few months since ive started but i seem to be getting close. good luck :)

and about your previous post, the one where you want your first time with a guy to be more than just an exchange of bodily fluids, i want that too only i doubt it will happen. But i think that sicne you are an adult and your feeling do seem to nag you alot it could happen for you if not on your first or fith try. good luck on this one also.

Mr. HCI said...

E: What the Hell are you doing in Southern GA? Hopefully, it's just for college and you can get out of there when you graduate?

midoriverdegreen: Until you meet someone special to whom you want to give your virginity, you've always got your hand. Kansas City is pretty big; I would think your chances are nowhere near as low as you think.

naturgesetz said...


Judging from your picture, your body is still "a bit of alright."

Or is that the "before"?