Monday, December 15, 2008

This will not be up for long...

It's a short prologue for my book that I am writing. I don't plan on leaving it up very long, but I thought I'd throw it up here for a bit.

"It's 500 years before Christ. I know because I've already seen his face. I've seen the masses rally around him. I've seen ancient allies go to war and cities that stood for centuries fall, only for new ones to rise in their place. I've seen Rome looted and burned. Those are only some of the things my dreams show me that could come to pass; and I do dream such things. My dreams are the source of my trouble. For there are those that would put their very kingdoms on the line to see what I see, to know what I know. But they wouldn't understand the dreams, because at first I didn't understand either....."


Doomed but cheerful! said...

E - I liked the first sentence - '... I had already seen his face.'

One word - arresting!

I guess you won't be releasing the whole work piecemeal! Let us know when we can get it on Amazon =]

Aek said...

Ooo, titillating. XD

It looks like it promises to be an amazing story. I want to read more, but I understand why you *shouldn't* post it on here for too long (if at all). One day!!

Anonymous said...

is this going to be a historical fiction? i love historical fiction! i hope you put up some more excerpts in the future, even if temporarily.


E said...

I actually changed the story tonight. The setting was not in the ancient past until a few hours ago. I had planned to be done with this by New Years, but because of the sudden shift it might take longer.

I am taking quite a few liberty's with historical accounts of ancient history, but yes, this will be historical fiction.

naturgesetz said...

That bit definitely has me wanting to read more.

I say that not so much as a request for more on your blog, but to say if you can get that in front of potential readers of your book, they'll want to have it the see where it goes.

Nice piece of writing.

Jonathan said...

wow, just in the first paragraph I already want to buy the book!

Great job man!


E said...

I'm really, really glad that you guys like it. My best friend has ask to read the manuscript several times, but I keep putting her off. I'm super critical about my writing and I really didn't know how it would go over. I've been torturing myself abt the details of this damn thing that I can't seem to shake, yet can't stop writing. David has told me that he enjoyed reading it, so I guess it's not so terrible.

On a sidenote: I also keep making posts at exactly 9:12, which is funny cause that's my brother's birthday.

Doug said...

Wow. That's very intriguing! Definitely a good teaser! I'm hooked already!

PhD Snowboarder said...

I love it! How funny because I am writing a book myself. This is so crazy! Let me know when your book gets published because I am dying to read it.

That Guy said...

Really glad you re posted this, or that it's still up.

To echo others, this is quite the attention grabber "arresting" too.

Hope to see more. :)