Sunday, October 26, 2008


So, I've been at work alot. Most ppl complain about it, but I kinda love money, so I just keep my mind on payday as I smile and pretend to be happy for the customers that come into the store. I am anxious cause next week I'm expecting lots of things to go on. I'm co-hosting a Halloween party next Friday, so I'm excited abt that. It'll be my first time hosting. I also plan to go out to a gay club with an old friend on the following night. He's currently the only person that knows that I like to double dip :) That'll be another first for me, so I'm kinda excited/scared cause I really don't know what to expect (or who I'll see).

I received some really encouraging responses abt my poem. I'm really surprised that ppl liked it. Its funny cause I've lived in South Florida for most of my life and I love the beach, but there was something about the Pacific that just did it for me. I was a sophomore in college at the time and I was having a career crisis. My father was pushing me one way, and I didn't feel like I had a choice. The good thing is now I know better. There is always a choice, it's just that some are harder to make than others.

"Today's Thought"
How do you get a guy to notice that you are noticing him, without others noticing?

Trey McLaughlin "On Calvary" on youtube



Doug said...

Sounds like next weekend will be a fun time for you. I recently had my first experience at a gay club/bar too and it was REAL fun. So I expect nothing less for you.

I'm also curious to know the answer to your thought of the day! But I would imagine eye contact goes a long way.

Aek said...

Poems are great, but I don't read nearly enough of them. So it's refreshing to come by one every now and then. :P

I second Doug, I don't know the answer to your "Today's Thought" but I'm sure the answer will be useful one day. XD