Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Manuscript

So, I'm writing a book. I just the got the idea to write one four years ago during my freshmen year in college. I had a major setback however one day when my brother told me to turn on the tv and I saw a show that GREATLY resembled my manuscript, so I basically had to throw the damn thing out the window and start over; was not happy. So, I've spent the last two years trying to generate something, for lack of a better term, Fresh and New. I'm happy with the direction of the new story. The thing that has impressed me most is how much better my writing has become. I believe each state has their own version of a graduation exam. When I took mine in high school I received a perfect score on the language arts portion. I didn't consider myself a very capable writer at the time, so I was surprised by the results.

Now, I've kinda got 1/4 of the book into a readable build. I'm really having trouble with the ending though. I haven't really gotten there yet, but it has to be good. I enjoyed twist endings, or surprises that I should have seen but missed, that pop up at the end. Its probably why I love the Sixth Sense-type of movies. Surprises are great.

Initially I thought that I would post excerpts from the book, but now I'm having second thoughts.


Aek said...

While I would be THRILLED to read excerpts of your book here, I would caution against it. You never know about people, and someone might take it (steal it) before you're able to finish.

(But I really would be thrilled to read it some day.)

david said...

Yeh I would think about putting it on here first cause u remember how that famous tv show stole your idea before lol. And it would be nice if I could read some more though,geez its been like freakin forever lol

E said...

My bad, I'll send you some more before the week is over. I've done some restructuring, so I'm really excited. I thought you were sick of reading it. I hadn't shown anyone else, just you. You were my sole audience member, so thanks for all the feedback!

Yes, yes, I had to resist the urge to burn something down as I was watching it on tv. But its ok, cause the new version isn't that bad....right?

Shane said...

I agree with what aek/david said. Thieves are all around us!

inebriated said...

i've tried my hand at writing a book, but i only get short stories done. but i'm in the process of writing a movie that has been stuck in my head this last week.