Monday, October 20, 2008

You Walked Outta My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a job interview today. It was a group interview, which I've never had before. I tried to stand out without drawing attention to myself. I think I made a good impression. There was a guy there that was REALLY good looking. I immediately thought "Man, you should be modeling, NOT working here." It was cool cause I think that he's one of those guys that are oblivious to the fact that he's completely hot. There's something attractive about people not knowing that they're complete eye-candy and are probably being eye-raped by males and females. Oh course I didn't talk to him. I'm usually decent at spontaneous pulling a convo out of mid-air. It's kinda of important to my current job cause I'm a cashier and people always want to explain why they're buying/for whom they are buying it for while I'm ringing up there stuff.

There was a guy who already worked there that was cute too. He asked me how the interview went and I said cool. I wanted to say "it was alright, but you could make it better if you gave me your phone number." But of course I didn't say that. I just smiled and said "it was cool".

So, I have two roommates. One is deffo gay. I have a talent for getting people to confide in me. I tried to encourage him to come out, but he didn't go for the bait. I am ZERO percent interested physically, but I kinda wanna know. There's still time. The other guy is straight. He's cool too. He plays guitar and I play piano, so we were thrilled to get the chance to jam together a few times. He's teaching me to play guitar in exchange for piano lessons. His ex came over today and they had a fight that started in our living room and ended up in the parking lot. It was quite dramatic. She came over to get some of her stuff that she left. She was clearly miffed about something, but when he asked her she said that nothing was wrong (which is a whole other subject abt why chicks say nothing when it's something), but she was upset. So, his asking her what was wrong basically turned into a back and forth about why they broke up. He screamed that she was the one that walked out of his life. I kept thinking that a really good song is gonna come out of this, but I stayed out of it. When I see him I'll probably ask what went wrong, try to be a friend.

I think that I will do a "Today's Thought" section at the end of my posts. Just some random things I've been wondering since I'm new to all this. Maybe I can get some of you guys to give me some feedback; and since I am ALWAYS listening to music, even when I'm not listening to music, I'll also post what's currently playing on my computer or in my head.

"Today's Thought"
I wonder the likelihood of one of my friends or fam finding this blog and putting 2 and 2 together?

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Zee said...

Don't try to push your gay roomie too much. It doesn' always help people, especially if they haven't accepted their homosexuality.

Doug said...

I'm always so damn jealous at people who can play the piano. My parents never gave me lessons (but they gave my sister lessons!) so I still can only pound out notes but can't actually play. It might become a life goal of mine to learn.

As for today's thoughts... I think it is highly unlikely that your friends or family will find your blog unless you give them the URL. Even if you used your full first name and not just your initial, there's a slim chance that anyone can find it. That's what I think, at least!

david said...

Wow it seems like history is repeating itself,this so sounds like our setup when we first moved in together lol. Just don't hold the kid at gunpoint to make him tell u like u did me LOL

E said...

As I recall, you crashed in my room after you swallowed to much happy juice. It didn't exactly take a whole lot of convincing.

inebriated said...

i think thats my biggest fear, someone i know putting two n two together

That Guy said...

Just catching up and being sketchy. Sketchy as in commenting about old posts...w/e.
Be careful about the blog, a family member found mine recently and....I guess i'm just waiting for the shit to start flying.