Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two roads in a wood diverge and I....

....don't know which one I should choose and why,
like a knife, concise, this cut requires precision,
will I win, will I lose, decisions, decisions,
and do I dare disturb the current path
for in a minute there is time
but a minute doesn't last
like sand in a glass once stretched along the beach,
the grains slip through my fingers
time out of my reach,
I see castles, shores, a change in tides
a change of heart could change my mind,
plans go awry, the ebb and flow
won't change where I've been, but where I'll go
I struggle through currents of uncertainty,
waves of doubt wash over me......

.....that's kinda as far as I ever got with this one. I just started writing one day about my visit to California. I remember seeing the gigantic houses, and the pacific ocean, and then all of this came out. I guess I never finished it cause I'm still struggling through the waves of uncertainty, LOL. Maybe one day it'll be done.


Tim said...

hola, me encanta tu poema, he estado en California antes y mi hermana vive allĂ­. me encanta california, es un lugar bonito y relajado.

bn trbjo! y gracias por tu comment

por cierto, apprepentirse no es una palabra, significas arrepentirse?

E said...

Era un error. Queria decir 'arrepentirse'. La arregle.

Zee said...

Hello there! I saw that you followed my blog.

Wow, good poem. I could never write something like that. I am not the creative type. Be proud of your abilities.

Aek said...

That's a very nice poem. It's been a while since I read any, longer yet that I've read any that touched me.

Thanks, and I look forward to more of your blog.

naturgesetz said...

It's good as it is. Maybe even more would improve it, but it's not necessary to add anything IMO.

Doug said...

Hi, there. Really nice poem. Looking forward to reading more from you.

E said...

Thanks for the comments. It's really cool that u guys liked it. I guess that means I gotta post some more...