Sunday, October 26, 2008

One is the Loneliest Number.......

....and I should know,
cause when I'm with you time just flies
but without you it goes slow,
and the minutes turn into days
and days become years
and it's hard to find your way
when your eyes are clouded with tears
so lie awake at night
tryna find a reason why
you let her leave at all

It's a feeling you never get used to
what once was there
is no longer next to you
and it don't seem fair
there was nothing you could do,
once love has taken control its hard to let go,
but its better to have loved and lost and then let it go
than not loved at all and never know
it's just a chance that you take
that might cause your heart to break
but eventually you'll come back for more......

I guess that this is another one that I hadn't quite finished. Quite truthfully its a song that I had written five and half years ago, but there was never any music composed for it as I couldn't play piano at the time. I eventually found a piano at my school during my freshman year in college. I could read music cause I played sax in middle school, so between finding sheet music and mimicking what I heard on the radio, I learned how to play. I'm in three years deep and pretty good. Comments, criticism, interpretations, etc. are all welcome!


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Aek said...

The piano is one of my favorite instruments, perhaps my very favorite. It's been a while since I last played mine.