Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Gotta Story To Tell

I thought a little while ago that I should explain where I got my blog's name from. Many of you have interesting titles with stories behind them; some funny, some personal, and other satirical. There's really no great secret story as to how I got my name. It's from a Biggie song.

If 'huh' and 'what' were your reactions to that first paragraph, let me explain. Biggie is another name for The Notorious B.I.G. He was a famous rapper from Brooklyn that was assassinated 10 years ago. Now, I am very tolerant of all types of music. As I often say to friends, I am the only guy that you will find the Jonas Brothers and Jay-Z in my iTunes. I have nearly 3,000 songs, so I'm sure that it is pretty clear that I love music.

Now, as a younger guy I was never crazy about rap music. My older brother listened to it heavily, which is most likely why I can tell you all the lyrics from 87.42% of rap music from '91 til about '99 [which is when he graduated and left home]. I guess I didn't like rap because there was nothing in it that appealed to me. I wasn't 'fuckin' bitches' and 'movin' weight' [selling drugs] back then. Still not in respect to drugs, and not much more on the bitches; the point is that the subject matter didn't appeal to me.

I'm not gonna say that I heard B.I.G. one day and was hooked, but there was something different about his lyrics. I liked the way he rapped. His lyrics weren't much less mysogynistic than the others, but his music was prolific. He was like an old bard singing tales in a tavern. There was a story behind the music. That's what he brought each time I heard one of his songs. It wasn't simply clever rhymes and looping 808's. There was substantive subject matter, however mysogynistic the lyrics were.

There is one song in particular that illustrates this point the best. It's title, as I am sure in your astuteness you have gleaned is "I Got A Story To Tell". It's a chorus-less recount of a night spent with a seemingly wealthy woman. After sexual intercourse, he discovers the woman is really the wife of an NBA athlete. The man returns home early and the protagonist [if I may as bold to call him such] is faced with the difficult task of extricating himself from the situation. After which he calls his boys and declares that he 'got a story to tell.'

I guess it would make sense to make this the song of the day
"I Got A Story To Tell" by Notorious B.I.G.


Anonymous said...

This is totally besides the point but...

what are you doing up at 3am typing blogs? hehe jk. :)


J said...

never saw you as a biggie fan, and i find it interesting that you used the word assassinated and not murdered as i've only seen it.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

J beat me to it - 'assassinated' is an interesting choice of word - but I think it is just your attention to detail - 'mysogynistic' is a splendid word (better by far than 'bitch hatin') and then you wow me with 'protagonist'. This is rich meat indeed!
I am glad you gotta story to tell - the idea of you vocabulary gathering dust in your head is too awful to contemplate!
More please! G =]

Mr. HCI said...

Jonas Brothers and Jay-Z, huh?

Well, I've got Beyoncé and Black Sabbath, The Monkees and Morbid Angel, Dolly Parton and The Damned, Kate Bush and King Crimson, . . .


My Latin teacher in 10th grade asked me if I was a mysogynist, then refused to tell me what it meant! Typical, bitch female . . .


Seriously, though, she told me to go look it up but not how to spell it. I came across it by chance in the dictionary a few years later and I was pissed! How dare she accuse me of hating women!

Aek said...

Thanks for the back story on your blog title. :)

Word verification = dersplit. Hmmm, almost sounds German (but almost certainly isn't :P).

E said...

Diesel- I'm usually awake late. My blog was set to Pacific time until just recently, so most of these are posted well into the night. Just add 3 hours to the times and you'll see how often I'm up late.

J- Yep. He's one of the few rappers that I can take seriously. Out of curiosity, how did you see me?

Doomed- You should hear how I talk at work.

HCI- Do you have Usher and U2? Lol!

Aek- I had been debating for a week whether to post about my name. When I created this blog [which was simply to comment and track others] I was not prepared to start one of my own. Then the name just popped into my head. It was perfect for me. Every time I hear it now, it has a new connotation to it.

Mr. HCI said...

Nope. I've not heard anything by Usher that I've really liked and U2 makes my skin crawl. I love UFO and The Undertones, though.