Friday, February 6, 2009

She noticed...

True to my word I have managed to continue going to the gym. I was getting dressed to go to tonite while on the phone with my brother and he told me he was proud of me. He, for some reason, had it in his head that I was going to workout a few times and then give up. I believe that he realized tonite that I was serious about getting ready for April.

In other news, today at work one of the girls that fancies me asked whether I had been working out. I had been checking myself out earlier in the mirror and thought that the effects of the gym were finally becoming noticeable through my clothes. So I was thrilled that she noticed. I confirmed that I had been in the gym and she gave my bicep a squeeze. I was really happy to have some one notice.

I have absolutely no attraction to her. She's a cool chick, a few years older than me. I feel bad because I'm always flirting with her and asking her to just give me a chance. She suggested that we go see 'Taken' together. I was mortified. I didn't say yes, but I realized that the flirting must stop. I definitely didn't want to heighten her anticipation for what we could never be. I do quite a bit of flirting, just not with the right people. A good song came on from our store soundtrack and I wanted to dance. So, just started grinding my junk against another one of the female associates at the register ;o. She told me not to start something I can't finish. LMAO! The two of us started working there on the same day three years ago and we are good friends. My friend David is actually the one that got me the job there. He called in a favor from a friend and got me an interview. I was really anxious, but I knew once I got into the room that I would get the job. I usually interview very well and that was no exception. Thanks D!


Aek said...

Man, sometimes I think I see results from working out at the gym, and other times I think all I see is an illusion. I'm not sure I can see myself objectively anymore in the mirror.

Razz said...