Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh no you don't!

You will not get sick on me, body. I refuse to let that happen. I have trusted you to retain your fortitude against communicable disease during this time of rampant germ exchange. I can not afford to get sick. I am juggling three-too-many flaming torches to fall prey to disease right now. So, man up, get your shit together, and let's get back to the game plan. Work 'til it hurts.

I needed to give me a pep talk. Everyone is getting sick and it's kind of an inconvenient time. I know there's really no 'good time' to get sick, but it's really not practical at this point. I have too many things happening, and too much responsibility to deal with.

Other than what feels like my body succumbing to sickness, nothing much has changed. Today is Valerie's birthday. I sent her a text a few hours ago to say happy birthday. That was around 5am though, so I doubt that she's awake. It sucks cause she's really ill. We had planned to celebrate her birthday, but last night we talked on the phone and it didn't sound as though she was gonna get better soon, so I suggested that we reschedule. She is also my prime suspect for what I feel could be a cold of my own, which is why I have been awake for two full hours trying to fight this off before it turns to a full blown anything. Two February's ago I let my little brother wear my favorite hoodie cause he forgot to wear a jacket and the temp dropped twenty degrees. He wasn't feeling well and I didn't want him to become worse, so of course I gave up my warmth for him. He rewarded me by sticking his used tissue in the hoodie pockets. I got back to school and found the tissue. I was bed ridden for three days as a result. I love the little monkey, but that was just wrong. I now kindly ask him to remove any diseased objects after wearing my clothes.


Doomed But Cheerful! said...

eep! vitamin c and echinacea - take them daily, sleep well, and keep all sick people at least 100m away - poke them with sharp sticks if necessary!

Anonymous said...

Lots of Green Tea!!

Aek said...

Being sick sucks, as we all know. I hope you feel better!

Your brother should have more gratitude to you. :P

naturgesetz said...

Echinacea seems to work for me if I catch something early enough. Some people take it regularly (take it several weeks, the several weeks without it), but I'm not sure that's a good idea. I figure, I'm not going to be taking something for medicinal purposes if I'm healthy.