Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm not sure what I should have done, but this is the scene: I'm at work. I see boy. Boy cute. I engage boy. Boy asks me where the restrooms are. I [personally] show boy restrooms. Now it turns out that the restrooms are locked from the inside, so I go and get the key to let him in. I open the door and he goes inside and looks back at me. I let the door swing shut. Boy does not lock door.

Now, I thought this could be the very opportunity I've been longing for. I just made up my mind to bust into the door and my boss calls my name! He asks me to come with him to the other side of the store. Usually I am very, very good at concealing my emotions, but I guess that I made a face because he asked me what was wrong. I quickly tried to play it off and followed him, but I knew I was barely containing my frustration. I tried to catch the hottie after my boss went away but he and his father were paying for their purchases and leaving :(

I am must take this time to mention that there are now 2 people that know that I like guys. I decided to tell Jake, the guy that I work with; he's also gay. I asked him about the encounter and he said that it depended on the signs, but after I told him he made one of those 'you f*cked up faces'. WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

"The Brady Bunch" by Jamie Foxx


That Guy said...

Hot job ya got there?! :)
Would it have not been an awkward exit from the bathroom and would you have been missed from your job for however long it lasted?

Just questions mainly, trying to think that maybe nothing happening was a good thing?

First time actually stopping here to read, good stuff.

Mr. HCI said...

I would think doin' a guy in the restroom would be grounds for instant dismissal. Plus, you wouldn't want to say in interviews, if they ask the circumstances of you leaving your former position, "I got caught having sex in the men's room."

jay.osa said...

wow. ya i think i would have gone in after him if i could...

it's hard to hide your feelings sometimes...

he'll be back in again keep a look out :)

PhD Snowboarder said...

OMG, you are crazy!! Don't be giving your boss those looks. Hahahahaha!

Hey E-mail me at

Talk to you soon.


DieseljockNYC said...

Ugh! That sounds so hot. It would have been hotter had you gone all the way!

Papagrieng said...

First time i'm shopping here too. You write well ! By the way... is this you on the profile picture ???

David said...

there will be more opportunities! just you wait. :)

Doug said...

Though bathroom encounters are *kinda* gross, I have had my share of them and they can be *kinda* hot too! ;)

There will be many more opportunities. Don't worry!