Thursday, January 1, 2009

So that's what happens...

When you take a chance! No, nothing truly exciting happened. But I did resist the usual temptation to sit and chill.

This New Year's Eve I was invited to my bestfriend's boyfriend's cousin's momma's house! His name is Ray and his family is a mixture of Puerto Rican and Panamanian and they made me feel very welcomed from the outset. I was already a bit infamous as "the one that spoke spanish". I met one of Ray's aunts two months ago and she didn't speak any english, so I blew the dust off the spanish portion of my brain and had a convo. It must have made an impact cause she told the rest of the family, so I kept getting the "le estaba hablando con mi hermana." So, there was much nodding of the head to confirm that I was indeed "the one".

So, in true spanish fashion I was immediately sat down and fed. It was sooo good. There was this grilled pork that tastes like turkey, some mixed rice, shrimp and salad. I had shots of fire water, which is basically 1/10 sprite and 9/10 Grey Goose; and 6 Coronas. Well after ingesting most of my liquid courage I was invited to dance. I tried to politely declined, but it's part of the family initiation. So, I pulled out everything I learned growing up in Miami. I must say that I didn't do too bad. I learned a few new things though, including the Bachata which was difficult, yet fun.

So, we counted down the New Year in great fashion and I got many, many hugs, and kisses on the cheek. I guess it was too soon to lay a proper one on me! I was however invited back again, so it seems to have gone over well.


naturgesetz said...

Good going!

It's great to have those language and dancing skills available when the need arises.

Happy New Year!

jay.osa said...

sounds like you had fun. thats good, thats what new years should be about


Aek said...

Well done! Sounded like you had an amazing time. :D

I've been told that the Spanish know how to party. ;-)

DieseljockNYC said...

Awww, thats so awesome. Happy New Year!

PhD Snowboarder said...

When they invite you back that means they love you. Trust me, I should know.

Fire Water, YUMMY!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm enjoying your story to tell! Your a good writer, so I caught up on your blog, linked to it off Peyton's blog.

You had a more exciting New Year's Even then I did, so probably did everyone else. Fire water tastes like radiator water to me.

Happy New Year to you.