Friday, January 16, 2009

I had my Straight Mask on

So, the last few hours of work were so sucky! I made a mistake and was being obsessive about it. My boss was soooo cool. He realized what I did and we fixed it. He knows that I am like a Samurai when it comes to work. If it's not perfect...Seppuku! He always tells me that no one is perfect and I shouldn't be so hard on myself, but I can't help it. I have to feel like I got my shit together at all times.

The good thing was that afterwards I had a great night out with friends! We went to eat at this restaurant that had 2-dollar margaritas. It was so great. My boss and a guy from our company came too. They sat at a different table than us, but it was good seeing them outside of work. They are a bit older, so we let them talk to themselves for the most part. My best friend Tiffany, her boyfriend, his cousin, a friend named Marilyn, Valerie, and I all sat together and clowned the whole night. I bought me and Valerie drinks and we had a plain ole' good time. We had drank our margaritas and then this random waitress slides over to our table with a bevy of shots of Jose Cuervo for our whole table. We were thinking "What the fuck?! Random free shots?" and she explains that the drinks are from a gentleman named Jeff [our manager from work who had come], and we all look over to his table and he holds up his cup to us, smile on his face. It was such a great moement! So I suggest a toast and yell "TO JEFF!" and everyone repeats, then some random guys from the other side of the joint yells "To Jeff!". We roared with laughter and downed the Jose and went back to our convo.

Tiffany kept alluding to me and Valerie hooking up, so V and I decided to play it up. We kept pretending to kiss, and she kept putting her head in my lap and moving up and down LOL. We were just being plain silly. So, after the shot of Jose, a free Incredible hulk {which is Hypnotique and Hennessy}, and Painkiller (couldn't tell you what was in that cup but it was good) I was feeling much better about earlier. I wasn't even supposed to go work that day, but Jake couldn't make it so I filled in for him and then my boss asked me to stay. I also love money and I agree with the whole 'have it and not need it' idiom.

So, the night was fun. There were beautiful guys everywhere! I kept thinking that this was some kind of payback for something I did. Guys were everywhere, and talking and drinking, but I couldn't notice any of them. I had my straight mask on. I didn't even know it at first. I am accustomed to being that way in public; especially with friends. I kinda want to go back tomorrow night without those mofos LOL! See who I can pull.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a cracking time! and still LOL about seppuku! i can just picture you kneeling in the middle of the shop holding a knife and with a pile of untidily folded dress shirts in front of you. oh the shame!!! cheers.


Anonymous said...

can't pass up this word verification


naturgesetz said...

Good that the boss recognizes your devotion to doing the job right.

It's good to be able to wear your straight mask with people who don't need to know your orientation. Some people are afraid it's dishonesty. I think it's just privacy.

jay.osa said...

sounds like you had a good night. every one needs them once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I'm finally catching up on the blogs I track and you put the idea in my head that Jose Queervo and I need to do some serious bonding this weeeknd.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

seppuku - very yukio mishima - and razz already read my mind - all that gore over a pile of abercrombie and fitch ...

could be an interesting 'short' for a film competition (somebody out there read this and do it, ffs!)

Love tequila - one of the few things that doesnt leave me with a 'please let me die now' hangover!

Get back in there, boy, and pull something!! G =]

E said...

Razz-HAHA. You got it exactly right.

naturgesetz-yeah, we kinda have an understanding.

Jay.osa- needed that night out sooo badly.

DJNYC- I can down anything without too much consequence, but for some reason Senor Cuervo just does it for me. I few shots and I'm there.

Doomed-The restaurant wasn't quite the right place, but please believe I did my thing at the club the next night!!!!