Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not really doing anything

The last few days have been predictably boring. Tiffany and I aren't speaking to one another, but I knew that was going to happen Saturday night. However, we've never gone longer than 2 or 3 days like this. We work at the same store and we completely ignored each other Tuesday morning. It's going to be very interesting which one of us cracks first and is forced to speak to the other. I'm too stubborn break the silence.

In better news I saw this cuuuuuute guy yesterday. I had left the store to go each lunch and was walking, minding my own business. I passed a shoe store close to mine and through the window I saw this guy in a green shirt. I went into the store just to see what he looked like. He was freakin' hot. I asked some girl associate whether they had size 13 in the store, she nodded so I pretended to look at some of the shoes on the wall. I think the three female associates were checking me out. I was thinking 'maybe a year ago you had a chance...' I was focused on seeing the hottie close up. I turned to walk closer to get a better look at him and when I turned there he was walking towards me. I kinda froze [which I never do]. We looked each other up and down. I didn't know what to do, so I kind of just left. I wish I was still wearing my name tag so he knew my name and what store to find me at, but I took the damn thing off as I was leaving so no customers would talk to me. And I forgot to smile [if you are reading this Razz]. ARGH! I will be going back in there tomorrow. Today is my first day off in a bit and I've been slaving for the last three days so I'm going to enjoy it.

I don't have anything else planned. I gotta go work out. April is swiftly approaching and I have plans to go somewhere with sand and waves.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, finally! Some reading material. I am doing anything not to read/study right now. Thank you for that post. :)

Meanwhile, don't be TOO stubborn. You don't want something like that to be a cloud over you two for TOO long. And as far as the hot guy, does he work there? I wasn't really understanding if he worked there or if he was just in there shopping.


E said...

Yeah, my one consolation was that he is an employee. So that means I have a chance to get to see him again.

Aek said...

Ah, working out . . . I have to step it up a few notches for myself. The snow is so inhibitory when it comes time to go to the gym. Grrr.