Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm sworn to secrecy

*This should have been posted a while ago, but I just left it in my drafts...

For the first time in a while I cooked last night. My best friend Tiffany had been talking for weeks about cooking and we never quite got to it. I'm a pretty good cook and we've made stuff before with great success, so finally we went to the store and gathered what we needed to make dinner. Usually she handles the desert and I cook the main dishes. This time we decided to do a little of both. I made a stir-fry chicken and fettucine. Tiff made some mashed potatoes and peach cobbler. I made a secret family dessert and it was a hit. Her boyfriend keeps asking me how to make and I feel bad cause I'm sworn to secrecy.

So, we cooked again last night. I made something quick before I had to go to work, but it was pretty tasty. I always get excited about cooking. I used to do it all the time for my little brother after our older siblings moved out and our parents started working later in the day.

*Update on the book. I will be posting a new excerpt in the next few days. I got some new readers on the blog so I'm kinda excited about that and I think that it would be cool for them to get to read a bit and tell me what they think. I'm going to try to create a poll to vote on whether I should put the prologue back up. So, the people who read can let me know whether it should be re-posted for a bit. Typing about this gets me excited and nervous.

I'll also be explaining soon how I came up with my blog's title and how it all started

"T.O.N.Y." by Solange


Aek said...

Cooking is good. :P My friends and I have planned a day of cooking next weekend, haha.

I voted for "Do what you think is best" or w/e that option actually says. I really liked the excerpt of your prologue (it wasn't the whole prologue, right?) and would look forward to reading more. But do what you feel best.

Look into this site:

David said...

i like the new layout!
the food sounds delicious.

That Guy said...

Being one of the new readers you referenced (maybe?) I would enjoy giving it a read.


Doomed But Cheerful! said...

I would love to read your next excerpt. Maybe I will put it through my text reader, so I can listen while cooking - any suggestions for which 'voice' I should pick?

As for copyright issues, I don't know much detail about US copyright, but as long as you assert your authorship and intentions (it's mine, you can read for personal, academic purposes, but nothing else, etc) you should be all right to sell the completed work without complication - that seems to be the 'western' model, anyway.

jay.osa said...

i am a Do what you think is best kind of person.... it's your blog, i'll read what ever is there.